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Electric Car

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle

We understand that maintaining your hybrid or electric vehicle requires specific expertise, and our team of master technicians are here to offer exceptional service to keep your hybrid/ev automobile running smoothly for years to come.

We work on Hybrids!

Hybrid vehicles represent a unique blend of efficiency and eco-friendliness. Unlike solely gas-powered or solely electric vehicles, which we also service, hybrids come with their own set of maintenance requirements which Cech Auto can handle no problem. Our team of master technicians are well-versed in working with hybrid cars and draws on decades of experience in the automobile industry. 

We work on EVs!

Electric vehicles can be great when they work, and very troublesome when something doesnt operate correctly as well as very costly. Shops today know that expertise is needed with electrics when dealing with these vehicles, and Cech Auto has you covered! We have all that is needed to properly look at your electric vehicle when something isnt quiet right.

Schedule an appointment for your vehicle at Winter Park or Eustis.


Image by Austin Ramsey
Electric Car Charger
Image by Isaac Quesada
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