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Hi! I bet you have a few questions…


You might know us as the largest independent vehicle repair shop in Eustis, Pro Auto Care & Transmission? Or maybe the oldest European vehicle repair shop in Winter Park, Cech Bros Volvo & European Specialist?


You're right! Same auto repair shops, same ownership, but we decided to simplify. As you can see, our previous names were a bit long and complex. (Two names, 9 words, and 2 symbols. Yikes!)


From here on, in Eustis and Winter Park, we are Cech Auto!

(Two words, no symbols. Easy.)


But, you might ask, how do you say Cech?

Also, you might be wondering if we misspelled our name on our website, signs, business cards, receipts…


Rest assured, it is not a misprint! We kept the name Cech in honor of the brothers who started the Winter Park auto repair shop back in 1976. And, it is pronounced like Czech, without the Z, so it sounds like “check”.

The auto repair shops of Cech Auto has been serving the greater Orlando area and repairing vehicles since 1976. As a family-owned auto repair business, we are dedicated to treating our customers with honesty and integrity to keep everyone safe on the road.


If you have used our services before,

thank you for trusting us with your vehicles!

If you are thinking about trying us out,

we’d love to earn your business!

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